Corn milk.

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     sweet corn or boiled yellow corn is plentiful. If you eat alone. You won’t be afraid. Why don’t you try and share it to make a pot of corn milk? Grab the corn kernels and blend until fine and add fresh milk. Put some salt. No need to add syrup. It’s menu delicious.


      Boiled corn (seeds only) 500 g
      Fresh fresh milk 200 ml
      1+1/2 liters
      Syrup or honey, amount to taste

A pinch of salt

How to make corn milk

     1. Put the corn kernels in the blender. Followed by 1/2 liter of clean water, then blended until thoroughly prepared.
     2. Put the rest of the water into the pot. Followed by mashed corn, boiled until boiling and fragrant.
     3. Add fresh milk to boil. followed by syrup (Taste the sweetness as you like) and salt. Mix together until it boils again. Remove from the heat, filter only the water. UFABET Leave it until warm, scoop it into a glass, ready to drink.

Corn milk is a longtime staple in Vietnamese, Chinese, and Guatemalan cuisine. It is typically transformed into a sweet drink that combines the earthy sweetness of corn and milk to make a unique beverage. You can adjust the materials according to your taste and create your unique taste.

For example, you can control the amount of rock sugar, and add different grains, vegetables and so on. There is a large amount of calcium in this drink, and there is also a vitamin D that can be absorbed into the body’s calcium. Therefore, people can have excellent calcium supplementation after drinking corn milk. Regular drinking can improve the health of the body.