Fried fish steak with tartar sauce

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Set up a pan and prepare to fry the fish steak. I would like to present a method for making fried fish steak with tartar sauce. Marinate fish fillets with salt and pepper. Before frying, coat with bread crumbs. Served menu with tartar sauce.

      • 4 large Dory fish pieces
      • Salt and pepper. (for marinating dory fish)
      • Crispy Flour (for plating fish)
      • Beaten eggs. (for plating fish)
      • Bread crumbs
      • Cheese

Ingredients Tartar sauce

      Onion (finely chopped)
      Salad cream • Chopped parsley
      Pickled cucumber
      2 hard boiled egg yolks


2 blanched carrots
      300 g blanched broccoli      lettuce 

How to make tartar sauce?    

1. Mash the onion and salt together. Set aside for the big perfume to come out and squeeze dry.

2. Pour the salad cream into the food processor bowl. followed by onions Chopped parsley, pickled cucumber and hard-boiled egg yolk. Squeeze a little lemon. Mix together and prepare.

How to make fried fish steak?

     1. Wash Dory fish thoroughly. Bring to absorb water and let the air dry. Then season with salt and ground pepper. Leave it to marinate for a moment.
     2. Dip the marinated fish into crispy batter. Followed by plated chicken eggs all over. Finally, coat in bread crumbs UFABET
     3. Fry in oil, use low heat, fry until light yellow, scoop up and put in the oven for about 5 minutes to remove the oil, then sprinkle with cheese. Continue to bake until cooked.
     4. Boil carrots and broccoli until cooked. arranged in a plate Followed by lettuce to be beautiful. Put fried fish Topped with tartar sauce, ready to serve