How to solve dry skin problems?

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Nowadays,  dry skin is a common skin problem in every season, not limited to winter. Most skin care creams sold in the market are mixed with moisturizers to increase skin healthy.

Drink enough water: You should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day regularly. In addition to helping with skin moisture, drinking water also helps with bowel movements and health in various aspects UFABET  

Protect yourself from the environment: Do not turn on the air conditioner too cold and do not take a hot shower.

In winter, you should apply lotion regularly. Choose the right type of lotion: For those with very dry skin, you should choose a lotion that is very moisturizing. Apply lotion regularly. Importantly, these lotions should not contain perfume or alcohol, which will make your skin even drier.

Choose soap that suits your skin type: You should choose soap that does not contain fragrances or baby soap that is not harsh on your skin. You can also choose soap that contains lotion to add moisture to your skin.

Putting a glass of water nearby: In the bedroom, living room, or office, especially in rooms with dry air such as air-conditioned rooms, because water helps increase humidity in the air, causing the skin to lose less moisture.

Choose healthy foods: fish, olive oil, tomatoes, broccoli, unpolished rice, whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Foods to avoid: Saturated fat from bacon, ice cream, butter, tea, coffee and alcohol.

Just like that, you don’t have to worry about dry, rough skin anymore. You can confidently reveal beautiful, soft, and moisturized skin in every situation.