Lemon Cream Meringue Keto recipe

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        Lemon Cream Meringue Keto recipe. The meringue is original from France. Is the egg whites that are beaten with sugar until full of fluffiness Sweet and crispy like toffee. it is a favorite dessert of many people. This recipe cuts out sugar and uses a sweetener instead. Pamper people who are controlling weight There is also a lemon sauce to cut the sweetness for more mellowness.

Lemon Cream Meringue

Meringue ingredients

  • 4 egg whites
  • 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar
  • Irythritol 170 g.

Lemon cream ingredients

  • 40 grams of lemon juice
  • Erythritol 70g (sweetener as sugar substitute)
  • 2 eggs
  • 30 g butter

How to make lemon cream meringue

  •      Separate the egg white from the yolk first. We use only the egg whites. Whip up a coarse foam for a while. With cream of tartar If anyone doesn’t have one, you can use lemon juice instead.
  •      Keep hitting until you form a soft peak.
  •      Gradually add the sweetener in 1-2 tbsp increments, continue until the end.
  •      When the egg white has been hit, then scoop it into a piping bag. Put on the nozzle whatever is convenient.
  •      Squeeze onto wax paper By looping at the base first and then slowly circling up on the edge, 2-3 layers depending on what you like
  •      Finished squeezing and baking at 90 degrees Celsius for about 2 hours, notice that when the meringue is cooked at the end, it will come off from the wax paper.
  •      While baking the meringue, we also make lemon cream. Start by pouring the lemon juice and sweetener over the casserole. Stir the sweetener to dissolve.
  •      Then add the eggs. Stir well and thicken.
  •      filtered for smoothness
  •      Then add the butter. Stir well until the butter is completely melted. The lemon cream sauce has been sour and sweet.
  •      When our meringue is ready then put it stuffing. Anyone who is comfortable squeezing can squeeze it.
  •      A little decoration I’m ready to eat.
  •      How fluffy and soft? You can see for yourself.