Nutella Banana Toast

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  Lets try Nutella Banana Toast menu,  Catch the bread covered with chocolate topped with bananas. Then fry with butter until fragrant and soft.

Nutella Banana Toast

Ingredients Banana Nutella Toast

  • Banana
  • Chocolate Nutella
  • bread
  • fresh butter

How to make Banana Nutella Toast

     1. Peel the bananas and slice them into thin slices.
     2. Spread the chocolate Nutella on both slices of bread, applying only on one side. Place the sliced ​​bananas on top of 1 slice of Tanutella bread. Place another slice of bread on top of it and use your hands to gently press down.
     3. Place the pan over medium heat, add the butter and wait for the butter to melt. Place the prepared buns in the pan so that the butter is evenly absorbed into the bottom buns. After that, turn the bread upside down and put the butter in it again. Then put the bread without butter on it. Toast the bread until crispy yellow on both sides, arrange on a plate and serve.