Pizza’s History

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Pizza’s History ,We will never know which nation invented pizza. The history of pizza is controversial and often controversial. While the archives of history litter with passing references to what pizza and pizza might have been. The history of pizza is actually less colorful. There is a general consensus of the Italian city of Naples was the birthplace of pizza as we know it today. Interestingly, Naples, which consider the originator of both the sauce, cheese and flatbread that we call “pizza,” was originally a port city founded by the Greeks. 

Pizza's History

While many flavonoids and pizzas would be found throughout the Mediterranean. The pizza scene of today originated in Naples, where tomatoes were put on the table in the 17th century.

It was in the late 18th century, outside Naples. That pizza came into being in the shape we know today. The pizza, known for tomato sauce, cheese and flatbread, does not date back to 18th century Naples. 

Although we know that pizza has been around for a long time, Don Raffaele is credited with inventing it. The Italians enjoyed the pizza, which was then known as Pizza Margherita, but history did not bring it to Rafaelle, who began selling his creation in his own pizzeria. Pizza’s History as we know it today, however, dates back to the late 18th, 17th and early 19th centuries. 

Pizza's History

Although modern pizza has originated in Italy

A long history, there are still many historic pizzerias you can try during your visit. Some of the oldest and most traditional pizzerias still exist in Naples. So try to visit to the capital of Campania should definitely include a visit to one of these historic pizzerias. Such as the Antica Pizzeria in Port Alba, near Naples.

We usually think of pizza as a round pizza with tomato sauce and cheese. But it is a food that goes beyond its origins, as we can find our idea of pizza with ufabet pineapple.

Many other cultures have adopted pizza to their own liking. Whether in the form of pizzerias, pizza shops or even pizzeria restaurants. I found it interesting that there are many pizza parlours that offer pizza from Milan, Naples, Pompeii and Palermo, but pizza has taken on its own New York style.